• September 2018: Rebecca won an award for the Best Poster at the ‘piRNAs and PIWI proteins’ EMBO workshop held in Montpellier, France. Congrats!!
  • September 2018: We welcome Sanne van der Stam for her Bachelor’s internship in the lab.
  • September 2018: Ezgi Taskopru and Valerie Betting join the lab as PhD students to study different aspects of piRNA biology in mosquitoes. Welcome!!
  • July 2018: Febrina, Bodine and Gijs publish their work on posaconazole as an antiviral drug against flaviviruses. Congratulations!!
  • March 2018: Pascal wins the Westerdijk Award, given by the Royal Dutch Society for Microbiology for the best PhD thesis in the category ‘ general and molecular microbiology’. Congratulations!!
  • March 2018: The recent review on variation in antiviral immunity gets featured on the cover page of the March 2018 issue of Viruses, with a fitting cover page illustration by Finny.
  • March 2018: Billy, Finny and Ronald publish their review on natural variation in antiviral responses in flies and mosquitoes. Open Access publication in Viruses.
  • March 2018: Inge Rondeel joins the lab as a technician. Welcome!
  • March 2018: We welcome Alessandra Tancredi for her MSc internship in the lab.
  • February 2018: Finny and Ronald contribute to the book titled ‘Viral Metagenomics’ (part of the book series – Methods in Molecular Biology) with a chapter on methods for insect virus discovery. Congrats!!
  • January 2018: Pascal wins the RIMLS award for the ‘Best PhD thesis of the Year 2017’.
  • January 2018: Ronald is elected as ‘Supervisor of the Year 2017’ in the first edition of the competition organized by the RIMLS PhD council.
  • January 2018: A successful collaboration with the Joo lab (Delft University of Technology) results in a publication on the mechanism employed viral suppressors of RNAi. Open Access publication in Nucleic Acids Research!
  • December 2017 & January 2018: We welcome Wytske Hepkema, Marta Cañizares Luna and Luuk Berning for their MSc internships in the lab.
  • November 2017: Rebecca receives an Erasmus Mundus fellowship to study small RNAs in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the lab of Louis Lambrechts at Institut Pasteur. Good luck!
  • October 2017: Joep receives an EMBO short-term fellowship to learn CLASH in the lab of Prof. David Tollervey at the University of Edinburgh. Good luck!
  • October 2017: Samara Rosendo-Machado joins the lab as a PhD student to unearth novel antiviral host factors in Ae. aegypti mosquitoes. Welcome!
  • September 2017: Pascal successfully defends his PhD thesis cum laude! CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Miesen!! He will continue to work in the lab as a postdoc, studying the genetic determinants of vector competence in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Good luck!
  • September 2017: Benoit Besson joins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome!
  • September 2017: William (Billy) Palmer from the laboratory of Darren Obbard (University of Edinburgh) arrives as a visiting researcher to study immune suppression by Kallithea virus. Welcome!
  • August 2017: Susan publishes her work on mammalian RNAi. Open Access publication in mSphere! Congrats!!
  • July 2017: Together with the Bonizzoni lab (University of Pavia), Pascal publishes his analyses of piRNAs derived from endogenous viral elements (EVEs) in mosquitoes. Open Access publication in BMC Genomics! Congratulations!!
  • May 2017: Bodine Bezemer joined the lab as a PhD student to study Zika virus host-pathogen interactions. Welcome!
  • May 2017: Rebecca publishes her review on mosquito-specific viruses in Current Opinion in Insect Science. Congrats!!
  • May 2017: Erika’s analyses of histone-derived piRNAs gets published in Nucleic Acids Research. Open Access! Congrats!!
  • March 2017: Ronald is awarded the prestigious VICI grant by NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research). CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  • December 2016: Finny obtains his PhD from the University of Helsinki. Congratulations Dr. Varghese!
  • December 2016: We welcome Ezgi Taskopru and Lucas Tichy for their MSc internships in the lab. Welcome!
  • November 2016: Pascal and Joep’s review on viral piRNAs is out in PLoS Pathogens. Open Access! Congrats!!
  • September 2016: Pascal receives a FEMS grant to study small RNAs in mosquitoes in the lab of our long-term collaborator Maria Carla-Saleh at Institut Pasteur. Good luck!!
  • September 2016: We welcome Janne Miltenberg to the lab for her MSc internship.
  • September 2016: Finny Varghese joins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome!
  • April 2016: Febrina Meutiawati joins the lab as PhD student to study antiviral compounds against dengue virus. Welcome!
  • Mar 2016: two publications on Dengue virus. Pascal publishes his analyses of small RNAs in Dengue infected cells in PLoS NTD. Koen publishes a novel inhibitor of Dengue replication in Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy. Congratulations!
  • Jan 2016: Sarah successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations dr. Merkling and good luck at Pasteur.
  • July 2015: Sarah describes methods to analyze viral immunity in flies in Nature Protocols. Congratulations!
  • June 2015: Pascal and Erika publish in Nucleic Acids Research their analyses of virus-derived piRNAs in Aedes mosquitoes. Congrats!
  • April 2015: Sarah’s paper in PLoS Pathogens is published. Very nice paper.
  • April 2015: Walter wins the Westerdijk award 2015 from the Royal Dutch Society for Microbiology for best PhD thesis.
  • scientific-journal1July 2014: Beautiful papers in PLoS Pathogens and Nucl Acids Research for Joel, Gijs, and Koen. Congratulations!


  • 2013: ERC Win for Ronald! He was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant on the project: ViVARNAsilencing (Antiviral Defense in the Vector Mosquito Aedes aegypti)
  • October 2013: Congratulations to Sarah for getting a poster prize at the ESF-EMBO symposium on ‘Integrated Insect Immunology’ in Pultusk, Poland.